About | Elements Chicago


Here at Elements Chicago, we are an alliance of self driven graduates who intend to spawn innovative thoughts and unique creation through helpful quotes, metaphors and images.

When we first created Elements Chicago, we had the intention to help college aged students work through struggles by counseling and mentoring for free. However, this task began to be extremely difficult to juggle with alongside of all our studies. So instead personally meeting fellow students and providing these services, we decided to create a website/blog for our most useful and helpful advice.


Our Bloggers/Writers:

Carly Face


Full of free spirit and loads of starbucks, she’s willing to go the extra mile in defining the best methods for leading on a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!

Jimmie Face


Our technical whiz kid alongside of entrepreneurial king. Jimmie is our lead website developer and also enjoys helping the community with his inspirational words.



This kid sparks joy in the lives of many. Not only does he make a good role model, but also makes a GREAT friend AND blogger. (As long as you provide him with free coffee)