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Chicago’s darkest places.


Ah yes, sweet home Chicago. It can be a great place to visit, especially if you’re here for school, a business meeting or on a vacation. But as shiny and optimistic our landscape may seem, it is full of many interesting and DARK places that I believe everybody should be aware of, whether they live here or are just visiting. I know this blog is usually about more inspiring things, but we decided that it’d be a nice break from our usual posts to talk about something more… Interesting?

Here’s our top 3 creepiest places in Chicago.


#1: The Cullerton Hotel

Al Capone left a legacy when he died, and we’re not referring to his offspring either. Supposedly, there are cursed objects in the form of bricks that linger since the time of the St Valentines Day Massacre. According to nearby store owners, this site has been known to cause bad luck. Not only for the business owners, but for the unlucky customers as well. Many paranormal investigators and psychics claim that this area has an extremely high activity of spiritual presence – it’s no wonder considering this place used to be a hotspot for illegal gambling, boot legging, prostitution and peep shows.

There were plans to destroy the original site and replace it with something less creepy. However, it’s been decided that it’d be best to replace the bricks instead, for historic preservation reasons.


#2: Murder Castle

This place is so iconic, even American Horror Story decided to create an entire SEASON after it called “Hotel”. From it’s trap rooms to it’s gas chambers, this place is both historic and absolutely creepy. Located in Englewood, Murder Castle is known to be owned by the most terrifying serial killer of all time – H.H. Holmes. It’s been said that there’s no actual count on the amount of lives H.H. Holmes had taken over the years. However, it is known to be one of the most paranormal active sites in all of Chicago. Numerous accounts claim to have seen apparitions so clearly it’s as if they’re a real person. People often stand in the street to see if they catch a glimpse or maybe even a picture. Most people get scared away by the explainable noises that radiate out into the street. If you visit this place or even remotely come within 500 feet of it, make sure you bring extra tighty whities.

#3: Resurrection Cemetery


If the first two stories weren’t enough for you to jump out of your seat and begin running in the opposing direction of your screen, then this should do the trick. Resurrection Cemetery is known to have a young female apparition travel alongside of Archer Avenue, primarily questioning males if she could have a ride somewhere. There are more than 12 dozen accounts of her being spotted, alongside of having given a ride to a young female, only for her to vanish out of thin air. Folklore says that Young Mary had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend and was left to walk back home, only to be killed by a hit-and-run driver on her walk back. The really creepy fact about this story is how many people have spotted or driven Young Mary in their cars, only to be abandon by the girl.

There’s lot’s evidence of supernatural occurrences. Does that mean Me, Jimmie or Sebastian are believers? We don’t exactly know yet. On the other hand, stories like these are enough to get our hearts thumping.

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