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Console games are dying.

There are many elements in the things we do. From shopping to browsing the internet, everything small forms into something much larger. I’d hate to involve video games, but that’s another PRIME example of many elements coming together as a whole. From the textures that are pasted onto the 3D models to the animations that are created for every PED and other in-game object. Video games can be a great example of several elements coming together to form something badass. And if you aren’t aware of how much effort, time and dedication goes into creating a video game, then this blog article isn’t for you.

However, video games themselves have been on the down lately as far as consumer interest goes, especially console games. Which is no surprise at all, considering the fact everything is slowly being replaced with mobile devices and mobile gaming.

You go to the store – there’s phone cases at the checkouts.

You go to any shopping mall – A majority of people will have smart devices.

You go to any social gathering and you’ll see swarms of millennials on their smart devices, either texting away or playing a game on their phone. As much as I’d like to argue about how bad this is for the population, I might as well save that rant for another post of mine. Or, if you so desperately would like to read anything related to how technology addicted our generation is, you may this here.

Back onto the topic. We’ve driven by video games, especially mobile games. I myself play a variety of games, from Clash of Clans to Racing Rivals. There’s a list of games I would consider to be dominating the charts so very much, that they’re completely eradicating the console gaming industry.

There are perks to console gaming though. From the extremely optimized frame rate and images to absolutely no presence of lag. Add the ability to optimize internet connection speeds to drastically reduce lost packets and wasted bandwith and you might begin to wonder why we ever turned to mobile gaming? The sad truth is, it’s because console games are extremely hard to hack.

For instance, if I wanted to hack Forza on my Xbox One, I would need to have a modded Xbox in order to do so. And that alone can cost in upwards of several hundred dollars to do the CORRECT way. More so, even after the console is modded, you have to buy the proper firmware to use in correlation with the mod, which makes modifying a console extremely tedious, difficult and expensive.

Whereas, if I were wanting to hack a mobile game such as racing rivals, all I would have to do is log into the game, open up a browser on my PC or mobile device, navigate to a racing rivals hack like this one and utilize their online tool to generate whatever amounts I currently require. IT’S THAT EASY.

And the sad part is, it’s not going to get any easier for console gamers either, as the companies creating these consoles are creating more secure ways to prevent hackers from modifying game data. Which not only makes it harder to reach that desired level you’ve always wanted to reach – it makes it a stretch from impossible.

To sum it all up, I personally believe that console gaming is dying at a rate much faster than first anticipated and mobile gaming will eventually take over the market it once saturated. More so, I believe that once this happens there will be more transitions into creating more secure games on iDevices and Androids alike. So for those currently using hacks and cheats to get ahead in the game, I highly recommend using an alternative method!

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