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One of the best screen printers in Chicago!

So more than several weeks ago, our company was in search for a screen printer that fit our criteria both budget wise and quality wise. Although we narrowed down our list via some google searches, we took our search to Facebook to see if we could narrow things down even more than before. Just so that we could get a competitive list of places, so we could ensure that whomever printed our shirts would fit all our needs. After substantially long phone calls and questions related to reviews and samples, we found our list decrease all the way from 55 potential printers to 1. This printing company claimed to be one of the first screen printers in chicago, although they didn’t have any proof to validate this claim, we could tell that their experience truly trumped others we had contacted. They said they’d beat any of our competitors prices right out of the door, and print with only the highest quality of inks and use the best shirts that would fit both our budget and our needs. Although this sounded too good to be true, we jumped on the opportunity to see if there was any way we could obtain a couple samples of their work. Just to see if their claims could be backed up with evidence. And needless to say, we were astonished at our findings.

Not only did they use one of the most durable inks we had ever seen, but it was extremely lightweight and felt as if it were part of the shirt it had been printed onto. The shirt was soft and extremely lightweight/flexible. They claimed that this shirt was 100% cotton and was on sale for only $1.67 A SHIRT. Which was not only unheard of, it was astonishing. We quickly called them up to schedule an appointment to talk more about the job. Although they worked out of their home, it was a very welcoming environment with little to no pressure – instead of treating us like another invoice number, they treated us with dignity and respect. Something that a lot of other screen printing businesses failed to do when obtaining quotes.

Once we finalized the order and put 50% down on the project, they quickly sprung to it and completed it within a weeks time. The shirts themselves looked amazing, seeing our logo on a tee shirt was not only satisfying, it really helped advertise our cause. So now when people ask about our website or ask where they can follow our blog, we tell them to look at our shirts to find out. This in itself has helped our business tremendously and we can’t thank Quality Screen Print enough for their amazing work!

We truly with them the best and will definitely be coming back to order more shirts when the time comes around. Maybe next time, we’ll order hoodies. We’ll see. 🙂

Big shoutout to Qsprint though – they’re truly one of the best screen printers in Chicago.

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