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Thoughts are worthless without action

IMG_8641There is a true pandemic in this world, and I’m not referring to infectious disease either. On the other hand, it might as well be. Because the subject we’re crossing into today is not only infectious, it is cancerous. Something that’ll affect every single decision you make, as well as the life you choose to create for yourself. It’s funny how something so destructive lurks in our everyday lives and goes completely unnoticed. It’s even funnier how simple it is to change and eradicate the pandemic from the source. So before I go any further into this subject, allow me to explain what I’m referring to…

Laziness and Worry

I would be a liar if I claimed that these exact traits aren’t prevalent in my life or any of my friends lives, which is the precise reason why I choose to refer to these two things as a pandemic – because they’re seen everywhere and inadvertently affect the lives of many and cause dreams and effort to go to waste.

Now that we’ve instilled this “pandemic”, allow me to explain the methods I use to counteract and ELIMINATE it’s effects in my life and the lives of those around me.

#1: Set your goals

This is quite an obvious tactic to counteract Laziness. Not only because it presents more than several things you wish to achieve, but because it’ll spawn a constant-impending thought in your mind, which is something that’s VERY hard to get rid of. By setting your goal, your chances of following through with whatever goals you have are significantly higher than if you hadn’t set a goal in the first place.

#2: Try and try again

Every circumstance you encounter will present you with either success or failure, depending on whatever circumstance it may be, you might be presented with failure more commonly than success.

By using failure as a motivator to keep trying, you’ll begin to construct a solid path to success.

#3: Less research, more application

You can research a topic for months, but that won’t make you an absolute expert in it. If you don’t apply your theories into the real world, results will never be seen. Thus, completely affecting your chances for success. By applying the tactics you learn in whatever materials you read, you’ll break through barriers nobody else wants to.

#4: People will hold you back

There will always be individuals that seek to take time away from you. Maybe not intentionally, but for their own benefit. These are the kinds of people you should absolutely avoid, especially if you’re wanting to move ahead and progress in whatever tasks you have at hand.

#5: Thoughts are worthless without action

No matter how much you want to wish your thoughts to life, nobody has the ability to bring them to reality other than YOU. You can think about success or think about achievements, but thinking and doing are two very separate actions. By applying your thoughts to actions, you’re breaking the comfort zone and extending outward into unknown territory.

Achievements are obtained by those who work hard and step out of their comfort zone. And as avoidable as this might be, it’s one of the greatest tactics you can use to get ahead in whatever tasks you have.

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